About Us

Wanganui Enterprises is a Charitable Trust and was formed in 1979 to operate as a Not for Profit community business. We provide Rehabilitation, Training and Employment for people living with disabilities.

1981 Wanganui Enterprises opened their doors and has been delivering to our terms of reference as an industrial work unit ever since. We have been successfully manufacturing and selling a range of products throughout New Zealand and employing up to 40 people in our factory. Located at 41 London Street Wanganui on a 2700 square meter site it has 4 buildings, comprising of wood and metal work factories, offices, show room and training facilities.

The principle purposes of the trust is to:

  • Establish employment for disabled persons.
  • Assist members of NZ public in rehabilitation and training who are disabled or have become disabled following injury or disease.
  • Develop and promote participation for disabled persons towards achieving greater financial independence through sustainable employment.
  • To provide work, motivation and the incentive to increase skills, abilities and work application that encourages movement into the community & open work force.
  • To provide disabled persons with the dignity and knowledge that his or her earning capacity is related in terms of remuneration to an able bodied worker.