Milestone serving the Community at Wanganui Enterprises

Today at Wanganui Enterprises we celebrated and recognised 10 years of service by our HR Manager, Denny Allen.

Denny has been an integral part of the organisation over the past 10 years and truly is a fantastic ambassador and custodian of the intent of the Deed of Trust established back in 1979. Denny always provides empathy and expertise in working through the many challenges that fall in her remit. She very much lives and breathes our Vision, which is to make a difference by changing lives for people living with disabilities and other barriers to employment.
Denny was also the architect of the “BeReady” programme which has now seen its 20th course completed thus providing nearly 100 locals the benefits that this 16-week free programme delivers.

The team, the Board and I on behalf of the community, enjoyed conveying our thanks and recognition of the work Denny has done and continues to do.