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Our Kennels are lined with 25mm thick Macrocarpa for thermal insulation and safety. They are covered with Zincalume to provide long term weather proofing and a hinged lid for easy access to the kennel interior.

All Runs are made out of galvanized steel tube and mesh and  designed to last the passages of time. The Macrocarpa floor is raised 10cm above ground to allow for drainage and avoid dampness.

Kennel and dog size. (Guide Only)

Small Kennel Jack Russell, Fox terrier, King Charles Spaniel
Medium Kennel Retriever, Heading Dog, Standard Poodle, Border Collie, Boxer
Large Kennel Hauntaway, Labrador, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, English Bull Dog

Our design has been developed to meet the needs of New Zealand dog owners, our Dog Kennels and Runs are built to last.

Kennel weight and outside dimensions may vary slightly.

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Extra Small Kennel
Inside – 500L x 455W x 500H Outside – 545L x 500W x 590H
Single Run Outside – 1550L X 689W X 784H
Double Run Outside – 1550L x 1357W x 784H

Medium Kennel
Inside – 670L x 620W x 650H Outside – 710L x 665W x 740H
Single Run Outside – 1550L X 839W X 925H
Double Run 1550L x 1658W x 925H
Treble Run 1550L x 2575W x 925H
Quad Run 1550L x 3294W x 925H

Large Kennel
Inside – 805L x 755W x 800H Outside – 845L x 800W x 905H
Single Run 1550L X 1045W X 1084H
Double Run 1550L x 2067W x 1084H
Treble Run 1550L x 3090W x 1085H
Quad Run 1550L x 4114W x 1085H

Extra Large
Inside – 1160L x 760W x 800H Outside – 1205L x 800W x 900H

To raise runs does increase the cost slightly. Please enquire as to how much height you would like so we can give an accurate quote.

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Single, Double, Treble, Quad