I hope you have all had a chance to sit back and relax before heading back to work.
Maybe a chance to sit in the garden in the shade with beautiful furniture like this.

Don’t the holidays just seem to race past, I have no idea where the last 18 days went.
When you’re a kid time seems to go so slow, but as soon as you become responsible for paying rent, it seems the days start piling on.

Word on the grapevine (between you and me) is that there are new product lines, or the return of some of the old favourites, I will try to keep you apprised.
We have a new catelogue and plan to have it online in the next few days….. I hope. Time for some delegation 🙂
If I have done my job right you will be seeing the table and stools that I hoped to get for Christmas. Obviously I was not Santas favourite, and they will be going to someone else.

Lets get it done 🙂