Recycling Rig with Trolley


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Recycling Rig with Trolley


With recycling bins being utilised by councils around the country, getting bins to the curbside is an ever growing frustration.

Storing the bins and getting them out for collection can be a bit of a hassle, but with our new rig, they can be stored as is and wheeled out to the road.  The only handling is removing the bins from the rig to place on the curb and putting them back once empty.  There are no hooks, brackets, or fiddly bits to worry about.  The bins slide into place and then wheel the unit back to the house and use as is, its that simple.  With an anti-tip bar at the base of the rig, the trolley when full, will not tip forward, making the whole thing very stable.

Made from steel, painted for protection, this rig is made to last.  It attaches to the trolley with bolts at the back, making it very sturdy and safe to use.  When buying with the Trolley there is no need for the rig to be removed, meaning that the entire trolley rig can stay in place with bins attached.  The only time the bins need to be removed is on collection day, and wheeling them all out to the curbside in one go, couldn’t be easier.